Buying a van….why is it so hard???

We have reached the point where we need a second large van. Easily solved I thought, the moneys in the bank, we’ll buy a second hand one. Not so easy it seems. We’ve had vans sold whilst we were on route to view, been told that the vans out of the country at the minute…what! Its for sale on Gumtree!!! Had adverts that restrict contact to email and after lengthy enquires via email had the reply of just “yes”…how does that even make sense!!! We should have known really, when we purchased our first van it took days of looking and a last ditch 14hr drive all over London finally ending up in Colchester, Essex before we found one that wasn’t a complete banger with 5,000,000 miles on the clock! So if anyone reading this is trying to sell an immaculate long wheelbase, high top Mercedes sprinter with 5k on the clock drop us a line!! Oh well back to looking, Gumtree here We come…..