RPS Fireplaces specialises in restoration of antique cast iron fireplaces. We cover every aspect of the job i.e.; Removal of the fireplace from your house, sandblasting fireplace, repair work including welding of your fireplace, spare parts for your fireplace (off the shelf reproduction parts & castings from patterns of original parts) , replacement firebricks and a host of different fireplace finishes to choose from for your fireplaces.


We are happy to quote from emailed pictures and eBay listings. Price will be determined on size and detail. You will be stunned how well your old fireplace or radiators will clean up.


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Sandblasting is the best way to fully remove all the layers of existing paint from the fireplace. The fireplace or radiator is stripped back to the bare cast iron, which is the first stage of restoration and the starting point for a new finish.

High temperature black paint finish

A high temperature matt black paint is applied to the sandblasted fireplace in 6 fine coats, this retains all the definition and detail of the restored fireplace whilst giving a full covering. The paint is heat proof to 600 degree Celsius.


Suitable for: Solid fuel, Gas, Decorative

Traditional grate polish finish

The traditional fireplace finish. Originally a lead blacking paint was used, nowadays a safe alternative replaces it. A heat proof black primer is applied before the grate polish. Once applied it is left to dry and machined buffed with a special brushing pad to give it a unique traditional shine to the restored fireplace.


Suitable for: Solid fuel, Gas, Decorative

High light finish

After applying our high temperature black paint, we then polish the details of the reclaimed fireplace to a high shine finish. This finish is a mixture of both the back and polish. We can recommend which parts will compliment a balance of both finishes but you can specify as much or as little as you like.


Suitable for: Solid fuel (polishing may need to be altered due to tarnishing from solid fuel use, we will discuss this with you), Gas, Decorative

Polished finish

After applying a few fine layers of our high temperature paint, we then polish the reclaimed fireplace to a high polished finish, just leaving the recesses of the detail in black, Maintained with wd40 and fine wire wool. Gives a stunning look to original antique fireplaces.


Suitable for: Solid fuel (polishing may need to be altered due to tarnishing from solid fuel use, we will discuss this with you), Gas, Decorative

New brick specially cast to your fire

We can replace any corroded fireplace brick. We take out the original broken one and cast a new one. All new bricks are suitable for gas and solid fuel use. We can also replace a fire bricks in situ.

Replacement parts

We have a large catalogue of replacement parts and are capable of replacing any part of your fireplace, from shelves to bars and backs. We can also cast new replacement fireplace parts either from other fireplaces in your property or from our cataloge of casting patterns. We can tell from a picture which bits are missing and advise you which bits you will need and the options avaliable to you to restore your fireplace to its original state.

Welding of breaks and splits

During the restoration process we can weld and repair most breaks and cracks in your antique fireplaces. We use special cast iron welding rods. Our welding is strong and durable. Some repairs to your restored fireplace will determine the final finish.

Examples of restoration work undertaken by RPS fireplaces

Restoration of a Victorian marble surround and cast iron arched insert, fitted in East Dulwich (SE22)


Restoration of a cast iron surround. The surround was finished in a full polish finish

The painted surround

Close up of the surround after blasting

Close up of polished detail

The surround fully polished

Restoration of an antique cast iron fire basket

The basket arrived in very poor condition

The basket needed a firebrick, grate and complete overhaul

Close up of the replacement grate and firebrick

And the finished basket

Restoration of a Victorian combination fireplace,fitted in Catford (SE6)

The fireplace as before work started

A missing piece of the back was repaired and welded

The fireplace after blasting

The repaired back after the weld was cleaned up

A replacement grate is fitted to the back

A replacement firebrick was cast into the back

The replacement parts fitted

The fireplace front rebuilt and sprayed with a heat proof matt paint

A close up of the finished hood

A close up of the finished front bar

The fireplace fully restored and fitted

Restoration of an original cast iron fire basket


Insitu restoration- Tiling 2 hearths in an East Dulwich property

Restoration of 2 cast iron surrounds and an inverted tiled insert, refitted with a wood burning stove

Restoration of 3 fireplaces in London, old stone surround changed for made to measure hand made statuary white marble surrounds and cast iron inserts restored

A cut and shut welding repair on a cast iron front bar to go with a restored fireplace

Restoration of an original cast iron Victorian combination fireplace


Restoration of an original cast iron arched insert fireplace