Mean while in the workshop…….

We have spent most of this week restoring 4 fireplaces in a full polish finish for a new trade customer and making 3 Georgian Hob grate inserts bigger by extending the top and sides. Not to mention 2 urgent rush jobs dropped on us this week… Looking forward to a break at Christmas, although we have 3 stone surrounds and too many cast iron fireplaces to restore and refurbish before then.

Fireplace fittings in Brockley (SE4) and tiling a hearth in Lewisham (SE13), South East London.

We installed 2 antique combination fireplaces in Brockley (SE4), we had previously removed them for restoration. Sandblasting them back to bare metal, finishing in our matt black spray paint and fitting new tiles. Even though they were installed purely for decorative reasons, they went back in on shallow slate hearths. Over in lewisham (SE13) we tiled the hearth for one of tomorrows fittings, so its dry and ready to take the weight of a fireplace.

Fireplace fitting in Beckenham (BR3), Kent and wood burning stove fitted in Honor Oak (SE23), South East London.

We installed a restored Victorian cast iron tiled insert and wood surround on a slate tiled hearth, purely for decoration in a beautiful period property in Beckenham, Kent. And a few miles down the road in Honor Oak, South East London we were installing a wood burning stove with fireproof render chamber. As usual all the pics will be on in the near future.

Double fireplace fitting in Forest Hill (SE23), South East London.

We installed two Gallery Fireplaces Brompton limestone fire surrounds with highlighted Jubilee inserts and granite hearths. One was installed as a working solid fuel fireplace, the other was fitted for purely decoration. A simple surround and insert but it always looks fantastic fitted, a cross between traditional and modern. Whilst the surround is based on a Victorian style and the insert based on a Georgian style both have clean lines and that combined with the modern materials of limestone, granite and polished cast iron gives it a modern clean twist.

Mean while at the workshop…….

We have been cracking on with some of our cast iron fireplace restoration today. Completing the restoration of an Edwardian tiled combination fireplace that had been sandblasted and then full polished to silver finish, a matching pair of Edwardian combination fireplaces sandblasted and then treated to six fine coats of our heat proof matt black spray and a Georgian arched insert that we had to completely rebuild the fireback and finish in matt black. Pics on soon.

Fireplace fitting in Beckenham (BR3), Kent and Catford (SE6), South East London.

First fitting today was in Catford (SE6), we removed and restored a cast iron Victorian combination fireplace. It had been well preserved so was sufficient to sandblast, spray matt black and replace the front bars with a bar cast from one of our own aluminium patterns. And the second fitting was a  Gallery Fireplaces Edinburgh combination fitted for solid fuel in Beckenham (BR3), the fireplace was fitted with a slate hearth.

Fireplace fitting in Clapton (E5), East London.

Finally fitting 3 restored marble surrounds, when we picked them up for restoration they were in 80 bits and had been stored in the garden for 15 years!! Restoring these was an epic mission. Really nice to see them back on the wall with there restored original cast iron tiled inserts.


Today we concentrated on restoring a Victorian cast iron bench. The bench was sandblasted back to bare metal, all the breaks were welded. The original wooden slats were carefully removed and sanded before being coated with a clear varnish. The cast iron was then sprayed black before the slats being refitted.

Today in the workshop……

Today we put the finishing touches to all the restorations being fitted this week. Tomorrow we have 2 Edwardian tiled combination fireplaces going back to there home in Wanstead and Thursday and Friday see 3 restored Victorian  marble surrounds and 3 Victorian cast iron tiled inserts going back to Clapton.

Fireplace fitting in East Dulwich (SE22), South East London.

Today’s fitting was a double in East Dulwich. The front room was a restoration of an Edwardian tiled insert fireplace, we had removed the tiles, sandblasted the cast iron and finished with our matt black spray paint. It was installed back in to the original wood surround but on a new slate hearth. In the backroom we removed the limestone surround from the wall and got rid of the steel register grate and replaced it with new slate hearths and slips, a stove and re fitted the limestone surround. Pics on soon.

Fireplace fittings in Balham (SW12), South West London and Beckenham (BR3), Kent.

An original marble surround and cast iron tiled insert fireplace all restored by us, fitted in a house in Balham (SW12) and called to a house in Beckenham (BR3) to remove and refit a fireplace that had been badly installed, the tiles had slipped, the insert wasn’t sealed and the most cause for concern was the previous fitter had knocked out the support from the chimney and hadn’t replaced it, really the customer was incredibly lucky the tiles slipped otherwise we wouldnt have discovered the rest!!

Today in the workshop…..

Today was an eclectic day, we sandblasted and polished the original bronze bell from a Victorian firestation and sandblast and sprayed the working gear black. Then finished the restoration on an Edwardian marble fireplace ready for fitting tomorrow in Balham (SW12), before restoring 3 arched inserts for one of London’s biggest suppliers of antique fireplaces, part of this restoration was supplying re-cast front bars. These parts are cast in a London foundry and replace the need to use off the shelf parts, a service we now offer the fireplace trade and public.

Fireplace fitting in East Dulwich (SE22), South East London.

We collected a customers Victorian tiled combination fireplace a few weeks ago. Since we had it, its had the tiles removed and cleaned, been sandblasted back to bare metal and refinished with our matt black heat proof spray. Before the fireplace could be installed we had to reinstate the constructional sub hearth in order for the fireplace to be working. Today the restored fireplace was finally refitted with a slate hearth. Pics on at some point in the near future.

Workshop news…..

Today we restored several Victorian and Edwardian cast iron period fireplaces. They all needed welding, sandblasting and refinishing in our high temperature matt black spray. They will be delivered back to Sussex later on this week.