Returning to an old job

Today we returned to one of two multi million pound Georgian town house restorations to give all our work a quick once over before all the glossy pics are taken for the sale brochure. Also picking up a beautiful Edwardian cast iron combination fireplace with an unusual dragon on the hood.

Today in the workshop……….

We are still trying to get in front with all the marble fireplace surround restorations at the minute. Having picked up 3 Victorian marble surrounds in approx 50 bits with no blueprints (photos) to guide me, I cannot explain my joy at finishing all the polishing and actually putting 1 of the fireplace surrounds back together for the first time in 15 years. Its amazing how well marble cleans up, no matter how mistreated. Right just 2 more to go for that customer……oh and only another 4 marble fireplace surrounds for other customers after that!!!! and several ton of cast iron fireplace restorations to work through!!!!

Restoration, Restoration, Restoration…

Today in the workshop we finished off a host of fireplace restorations for the trade. Restoring and finishing fireplaces from Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian and Art Nouveau periods so in many ways it was like a walk through English history spanning the early 18th century upto the early 20th century.

Fireplace fitting in Beckenham (BR3), Kent.

Todays fitting was the first stage of a fitting where we had to replace the constructional sub-hearth. The sub-hearh was removed by the previous owners of the property, our customers needed to reinstate it in order to have a working fireplace to keep them warm through winter.

Workshop news……….

Today was a big day in the workshop, loads to do. Started the day putting a 2″ extension on a restored Georgian fireplace for one of London’s most exclusive shops, really pleased with this one so pics will be up on soon. Then on to restoring 3 Victorian fireplaces inc blasting, finishing , replacement firebricks, welding repairs and making replacement steel shelves. Finally delivery to Wimbeldon (SW19).

Today in the workshop……….

First day in the workshop this week so loads to catch up with. A Georgian fireplace insert needed repairing and finished in a traditional lead black finish. We also did a full restoration on a Victorian tiled insert and a whole heap of welding.

Meanwhile in the workshop………

We popped over to Dalston (E5), East London to look at a fireplace restoration with a difference. 15 years ago our customer removed 3 marble fireplaces and stored them in the garden in about 100 bits. We have no photos and somehow we have to polish and rebuild them, ready for fitting in 6 weeks. HELP!! On the plus side we have 3 Victorian tiled insert fireplaces to restore and they are complete.

Hurry up van we need you now!!

We spent so long deliberating whether to buy or lease a new van, we’ve got to the point of desperately needing one and looks like we’ve still got 2 weeks to wait till it arrives!!

Workshop news……

Its been a busy week in the workshop and thanks to the restoration of a slate surround everything is covered in slate dust. Today we had 1 day to restore 7 cast iron fireplaces, full on to say the least. A day polishing, welding, spraying and rebuilding. Getting everything ready for our deliverys tomorrow.

Stove and fireplace fitting in South Norwood (SE25), South East London.

We worked with today’s customers on the run up to there completion date, visiting the previous owner to take all the required measurements. So they could order in everything they needed in time for us to start work as soon as they moved in. We fitted a multi-fuel stove with slate hearths in one room and a restored Victorian original combination fireplace and slate hearth in the other. We also had measures for solid fuel fireplaces in Wandsworth (SW18), Islington (N17) & Eltham (SE9).

Today in the workshop……..

We worked on an antique slate surround restoration and an Edwardian marble restoration. After stripping both surrounds back to there separate panels, the restoration process begins. From the separate panels we strip the paint off using a trade only paint stripper, then polish the individual panels. Once they are stripped and polished we then rebuild the surrounds using strong stone glue. Its a long process but they always look amazing when finished.

Fireplace fitting in Caulsdon (CR5), Surrey.

Fitting a bollecian limestone fireplace surround with granite hearth, slips and chamber piece for decorative purposes. Also collecting fireplaces for restoration from Brighton, Sussex & delivering finished restored cast iron fireplaces to Wimbeldon, South West London. #anotherbusydayatRPS !!

Today in the workshop……

Today in the workshop we restored an Edwardian tiled insert fireplace for one of London’s leading fireplace specialist and a slate surround for one of our customers. The slate surround had been treated very badly in the past and is taking quite a bit of work to restore but so far is coming on well Pics next week of the finished surround fitted.

Mean while in the workshop……

Today brings an end to one of the worst jobs we’ve ever done. 2 massive brass shelving units in the shape of Chinese pagodas. And a huge mirror. 2 whole days of polishing brass. Looking forward to getting back on to some fireplace restoration tomorrow. Got a big day lined up of both cast iron fireplaces and marble surrounds.

Insitu fireplace restoration in Chiselhurst (BR7), Kent.

Insitu restorations are always a challenge. Today’s restorations where in a Georgian house in Chiselhurst. They consisted of extensive wirebrushing before coating with a black lead substitute and buffing up to the traditional graphite shine. As well as replacing a missing hood on one of the fireplaces, luckily they had the exact same fireplace with hood in another room so we can have the original re-cast at a foundry.

Mean while in the workshop…..

Today in the workshop we pushed on with our London trade fireplace restorations. Polishing a large cast iron Edwardian fireplace surround and a Georgian hob-grate fireplace and finishing 3 Victorian cast iron arch fireplaces in our heat proof matt black spray paint. Also polishing to massive brass shelving units. #Busyday.

Workshop news

We have started trying to catch up with all our fireplace restoration work now, working like demons sandblasting, welding, spraying and polishing. We also painted a made to measure pine surround in eggshell white ready for tomorrow’s fitting.

North, south, east and west…..

A busy day in the van collecting cast iron period fireplaces for restoration, from literally the four corners of London. We have just collected a beautiful Victorian arched insert fireplace to put up for sale and an amazing 51″ arts and crafts combination fireplace designed by Thomas Jekyll will also be up for sale soon. We might even get round to restoring our own fireplaces before they’re sold one day!!!

Meanwhile in the workshop…….

First day back after 2 weeks off and we have fireplaces everywhere in need of restoration! Head down, welder out and crack on. As well as all the cast iron fireplaces we have an unusual slate fireplace surround to restore back to its former glory and several marble fireplace surrounds to get stuck into. The pics will be on as soon as they are fitted.