Fireplaces restored and refitted in Brixton (SW2) and Maida Vale (W9)

In Brixton (SW2) we refitted an original Victorian arched insert we had previously removed. The insert had been completely rebuilt with a new cast iron fire back, damper and grate along with a set of front bars from our exclusive collection of patterned antique parts which we have cast at a foundry as needed. The finished rebuild was then sandblasted and refinished in our heatproof matt black paint before being refitted with a bespoke pine copy of the original fire surround and a slate hearth for use as a solid fuel fireplace. In Maida Vale (W9) we refitted a cast iron Edwardian tiled insert and a marble surround both had previously been removed for restoration. The tiled insert was repaired and fitted with a new cast iron fireback and front bar set then sandblasted and refinished in our matt black heatproof paint. The marble surround was badly stained and missing 3 of the liver marble capitals and a white marble sphere, replacements were crafted in our workshop and then the whole surround re-polished and rebuilt, unfortunately in this instance the staining was too heavy to completely remove. The fireplace was refitted for solid fuel on a bespoke slate hearth. Pics are on

Fireplace fitting in Brockley (SE4), South East London

Today in Brockley (SE4) we supplied and installed an Abbey Fireplaces, Telford cast iron arched insert with a solid fuel slate hearth and the customers own wooden surround. The fireplace was installed for solid fuel use. Just around the corner in Forest Hill (SE23) we returned to an earlier fitting to tile an intricate checker board tiled hearth. Back in the workshop work continued on our display area, where eventually we aim to be able to display examples of the fireplaces we sell and restore.

Fireplace fitting in Forest Hill (SE23), South East London.

Today we installed a slate surround and original Victorian cast iron insert we had previously removed for restoration. The slate surround had been completely rebuilt and refinished and the cast iron insert had been sandblasted and refinished in our heatproof matt black paint. They were reinstated with a solid fuel slate hearth.

Fireplace fittings in Oxford (OX14), Oxfordshire and Sydenham (SE26), South East London.

We removed an original Victorian cast iron tiled insert and cast iron surround from Oxford a few weeks ago for restoration,  sandblasting and refinishing them in our heatproof matt black paint and today we returned to install it with a slate hearth for solid fuel. More locally in  Sydenham, we refitted a cast iron tiled combination that we had restored, also sandblasting and refinishing in matt black.

In situ fireplace restoration Ealing (W13) West London.

We removed and existing badly worn fireback and replaced it with a brand new fireback and grate. Also fitting a front bar and ashpan cover in Ealing (W13). In East Dulwich (SE22) we supplied and installed a marble surround with a restored insert and slate hearth for use as a solid fuel fireplace. Over at the workshop we were busy working on the restoration of a Victorian marble surround and an Edwardian slate surround for installation next week.

Fitting in East Dulwich (Se22), South East London.

We restored 2 tiled insert fireplaces, sandblasting and refinishing in our heat proof matt black before changing the tiles and fire backs so the customer could have a deeper burning area. The inserts were installed with custom sized slate hearths and marble reproduction flat Victorian surrounds. The installations were both for solid fuel use.

Fireplace fittings in Sydenham (SE26) & Forest Hill (SE23), South East London.

We installed an original tiled insert with a slate hearth and pine surround in Sydenham (SE26). The insert was too small for the surround so it was necessary for us to put invisible extensions on all 3 sides at the workshop prior to installation. Just down the road in Forest Hill (SE23) we installed an Abbey Fireplaces marble surround with a reproduction tiled insert and a bespoke tiled hearth. Both installations were for use as solid fuel fireplaces.

Fireplace fittings in Stoke Newington (N16) and Catford (SE6)

In Stoke Newington (N16) today we opened a chamber up rendered with heat proof render and installed a slate chamber hearth and a slate hearth for use with a stove. Over in Catford (SE6) we opened a chamber and installed a slate hearth and a slate chamber hearth also for use with a stove later on.

Fireplaces removed for restoration today…

We removed a cast iron arch from a town house in Brixton (SW2). The arch is to be completely restored and the refitted with a replica wood surround and a slate hearth. We also removed 2 cast iron tiled inserts from East Dulwich (SE22) for restoration and then refitting with marble surrounds and slate hearths. And a slate surround and tiled insert for complete refurb and refit in Forest Hill (SE23). Busy day!!!

Busy back from Christmas.

Today we removed a cast iron surround and insert from Oxford and Twickenham, both due for sandblasting restoration and finishing. Also installed 2 restored cast iron tiled inserts, wood surrounds and slate hearths locally in Forest Hill (SE23, South East London).

Happy 2016!!

Back to work now with a bang after Christmas and New Year break, installing in East London and Deptford also removing fireplaces for restoration from Brockley (SE4) and Beckenham (BR3).