Fireplaces restored and refitted in Brixton (SW2) and Maida Vale (W9)

In Brixton (SW2) we refitted an original Victorian arched insert we had previously removed. The insert had been completely rebuilt with a new cast iron fire back, damper and grate along with a set of front bars from our exclusive collection of patterned antique parts which we have cast at a foundry as needed. The finished rebuild was then sandblasted and refinished in our heatproof matt black paint before being refitted with a bespoke pine copy of the original fire surround and a slate hearth for use as a solid fuel fireplace. In Maida Vale (W9) we refitted a cast iron Edwardian tiled insert and a marble surround both had previously been removed for restoration. The tiled insert was repaired and fitted with a new cast iron fireback and front bar set then sandblasted and refinished in our matt black heatproof paint. The marble surround was badly stained and missing 3 of the liver marble capitals and a white marble sphere, replacements were crafted in our workshop and then the whole surround re-polished and rebuilt, unfortunately in this instance the staining was too heavy to completely remove. The fireplace was refitted for solid fuel on a bespoke slate hearth. Pics are on